Having issues "systemctl disable gdm.service"

I want to replace gdm with lightdm because lightdm works out of the box on multiseat (acutally gdm is prettier, and I would prefer to stay with it, but I just can’t figure out how to get a working multiseat configuration with it).

However when I issued the command systemctl disable gdm.service from root it accepts it, but still activates the service when I reboot. Also now lightdm is active at the same time which is creating some funny things happening (lightdm is handling the second seat, gdm is handling the primary seat).

Is this how it is suppose to work, never allowing for disabling the gdm service? Is there a way I can disable the service with out deleting gdm altogether. I would like to leave gdm in because I hope to eventually overcome the configuration file issue.

You may try to “mask” it instead.

Thanks! That did the trick… and for whomever else is listening the command would be
systemctl mask gdm.service

I still would prefer to use gdm, but at least this allowed me to get multiseat up and running.