Using Lightdm in Clear Linux

I tried to change my login manager from gdm to lightdm by doing sudo systemctl disable gdm.service then sudo systemctl enable lightdm.service and sudo systemctl start lightdm.service

Lightdm did start up, but there is a few problem occur after login to the session (I use i3wm):

  1. The gnome locksreen pop up show up and ask me for my password again
  2. Some application doesn’t work anymore, gnome-terminal won’t start, firefox take 10x longer time to start, vscode in flatpak also won’t start.

After I change back to gdm, everything works fine again. Am I doing something wrong to change my login manager this way? (I did notice the lightdm.service has far less content than in the gdm.service file)

Attached are pictures of my default gdm.service file and lightdm.service file.