Horrible Exoeriance Dell Precision 5680 I9 / 32gb/ 4tb/ ada rtx 4000

On a fresh install, no sound from raptor lake, no webcam either. I am a longterm manjaro user, I had to give up manjaro because it didnt work on this laptop. I tried Fedora , it too didnt work. Ubuntu 24.04 works, but not for the webcam. I had thought Clear Linux, being from intel, would work with this laptops intel hardware.

IT doesnt. Not even the bluetooth works on a fresh install.

Intel doesn’t make webcam modules, so compatibility will depend on how well the webcam module in this laptop is supported by upstream. It looks like Dell carries a similar model in their Ubuntu supported Linux range, so they may share the same webcam module, in which case, you could ask Dell what the webcam is and what drivers support it. Then make a request to the Clear Linux team to include that driver. The fact that it’s not working in Ubuntu is a bit concerning though.

Ditto for the Bluetooth driver.


You’d have to start the Bluetooth service manually (sudo systemctl enable bluetooth --now), as CL doesn’t start it by default. After that, you’ll have to implement this fix to get Bluetooth start upon reboot.

CL is, frankly, not really a general-purpose OS (on a par w/Ubuntu, say) so you’ll have to do quite a bit of fiddling with it to “make it yours.” Niceties such as Bluetooth and webcams are not really the focus of the devs, though, nevertheless, I have found the team behind it to be quite supportive, so it’s not impossible.

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Thanks for your responses. It seemb the ipu6 camera isnt working anywhere for anyone :* drivers - Dell Latitude 7640 Intel webcam not working on Ubuntu 24.04 - Ask Ubuntu

and as for the Raptor lake sound, I have seen people sell their precision laptops because they cant make it work wiht anything…

Luckily it works on ubuntu 24.04…

Thanks for your info on the BT… I am sure I can get that to work, so I didnt look into it… but I need my webcam and sound unfortunately. WOuld love to come back to clear linux if anyone ver gets them working…

It’s rare. Canonical certify this hardware works fully. Dell certified with Ubuntu | Ubuntu .

Have you checked it on Windows first all work?

IPU6 for your MIPI camera is included in the Linux kernel so, It does not any proprietary software. linux/drivers/media/pci/intel/ipu6/Kconfig at c13320499ba0efd93174ef6462ae8a7a2933f6e7 · torvalds/linux · GitHub

You can check out the latest modules src here: GitHub - intel/ipu6-drivers

On the other hand, this is a full Intel laptop, it should be 100% compatible with the Linux kernel and the latest firmware.