How do i create a conf file? I'm a linux noob)

Hi i’m a very new linux user…I’m looking to find out how do i simply make a conf file and add configuration contents to it?

You would need to be a bit more specific than that, what are you trying to configure?

Keep in mind that Clear Linux is stateless, see the documentation about that here for more information on how to properly add configuration files without them being overwritten by updates.

@theicewitch, are you sure that you need to manually make a configuration file? Many of the configuration settings that a new LInux user would want are in Settings, available from the Show Applications screen.

It will help if you include a little bit more information about what type of config file and for what program this is for, otherwise, answers could be incorrect or give a false impression. If this is for a system service, for instance, you need sudo access, and that may need explaining. But maybe you’re asking about mutt instead.

It also helps if you can include your skill level - do you prefer emacs or vim or neither (and use gedit ?). Because what works best for you may need a different answer.

A good short answer is not really possible. Yes, we could tell you to just run sudo mkdir /etc/ssh; sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config but there are probably 20+ assumptions in that answer alone, and the chance that all of those are correct is almost zero.

What program or feature are you trying to configurate? Typing man <name_of_the_program_or_service> usually provides an overview of what folders and default configuration a program usually uses and the options. Usually an installed program provides a default “.conf” file for you to edit and move to the appropriate configuration folder.