How do we move top bar to the bottom?

I’m loving Clear Linux! I’ve been on ubuntu since fiesty (2007) and tried many along the way. Clear is making me happier than all. I’m thinking about pushing Clear out to our front office computers to replace Windows 10.

Right now, the ONE thing I see being the biggest problem is the top bar. And the position of the clock in the middle instead of the right, but that’s me being picky. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beyond the specific question of the top bar, I’m curious how to configure the desktop better in the greater sense. Every other previous linux seemed to readily let me make visual changes.

Any help appreciated, thanks,

Yaay, I found the answer. :laughing:

I found and installed Dash to Panel and discovered that brought back the expected Gnome panel I’m accustomed to. I haven’t yet figured out how to further customize it like I would expect, but this is a great beginning.

It was great to get over this first big hurdle in my journey with Clear Linux.


Hey Chris – glad you found a solution! If you run into any other hurdles, or can’t find packages or bundles you need, don’t hesitate to ask.

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