How to install Autodesk Maya 2019 in CL?

Hello! I am a new to Linux and chose CL as my main distro as it is clean and very fast.

I work as a 3D Generalist and I would like to have first installed the Autodesk Maya 2019.

I have followed Autodesk’s guidelines as to how to install Maya 2019 on a Linux OS, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working.

Autodesk Linux OS guidelines below:

- Firstly, following their instructions for the installation via the Installation Wizard results into this error:

      ./setup: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Autodesk apparently took notice of this issue and wrote a solution in the following article below:

Autodesk’s solution: yum install libpng12 doesn’t work as the Terminal returns with the following error:

      `CRITICAL:yum.cli:Config Error: Error accessing file for config file:///etc/yum/`

- Secondly, following the instructions for the installation via their RPM Utility returns with this error:

  error: Failed dependencies
         /bin/sh is needed by Maya2019_64-2019.0-7966.x86_64
         /bin/sh is needed by Bifrost2019_64-2019.
         /bin/sh is needed by adlmapps14-14.0.23-0.x86_64
         /bin/sh is needed by adlmflexnetclient-14.0.23-0.x86_64

Could there be a solution to this problem? I am very much excited to get to test my rendering workloads in CL.

Many thanks!

Hi, welcome!

CL has a newer version of libpng16 available in the devpkg-libpng bundle. I’m not sure if the Maya installer can work with that.

If not, the older version, libpng12 is not available outside of the games bundle but it is packaged in a RPM. You could manually download and extract that package with something like:


rpm2cpio compat-libpng-soname12-lib-1.2.59-20.x86_64.rpm | sudo cpio -ivdm --directory=/

Or alternatively compile your own copy of libpng12 for local use.

This makes sense because CL doesn’t use yum as a software manager nor are RPMs used for installation. We use swupd and bundles.

After installing the games bundle I was able to get past the libpng12 error.

But unfortunately, upon installing through the Installation Wizard I get the following error:


I may have found some traces of what it seems to be the dependencies that Maya is reffering to.

Here is a list of what I was able to find out so far:

Would you happen to know in which bundle from CL I can get these files downloaded?


Try Totem for libaudiofile, OpenSSL for the crypto libs, maybe Desktop-dev might help too.

Thank you.

I have installed Desktop-Dev, Totem and OpenSSL and a couple of other bundles such as Games, Games-Dev. With no success on getting Maya installed.

I will keep trying as this Software is definitely an important piece in my pipeline. If I can figure out a way to get it installed my pipeline will be complete, as all the other pieces I was already able to successfully get installed.