How to install PHP 7.2?

I need LEMP stack with PHP 7.2, but in bundle package


which I installed, there is 7.4 version.

How can I install PHP 7.2 from old bundles?

We don’t support this currently. You can work back from RPM’s but this may produce other issues. The best is probably to compile PHP yourself until your software stack is ready to work with version 7.4.

If enough people need php-7.2, we might consider adding it. For what webthing do you need version 7.2?

My CMS is’t full compatible with PHP 7.4, but I want to keep all Intel-optimizations of PHP which has Clear Linux. So if I will compile PHP 7.2.9 from source, what type of flags should I add to receive same performance as in Clear Linux bundle?

Are you allowed to mention the CMS you have?
Are you allowed to mention the composer bundles installed?

Typically, 7.x compatibility will include everything up to v8 as 7.x are are minor updates to php.

There’s even composer packages listed as php 5.x compatible that I’ve had working in php 7.4.x.

php 7.2.9 was released way back in Aug 2018. I personally wouldn’t be using a CMS that hasn’t been updated since then and i’d be looking for alternative composer packages in active development.

Clear Linux Release 25000 shipped with PHP 7.2.9:

As of today, Clear Linux Current is 32520

I’ve run into this issue recently. Only a month ago or so, Nextcloud didn’t support 7.4 in their stable branch, you had to switch to their non-stable branch. That’s obviously pretty unnerving for most, since nextcloud updates can be tricky and nonbehaving.

This is, reasonably and somewhat understandable for PHP 7.4, but the OP is talking about PHP 7.2, that is ancient and I think that is unreasonable and since he’s not come back to confirm maybe it was bluff…who knows.

@likeoff you will get the default clearlinux CFLAGS set without any changes. Just run ./configure etc. and those will pick them up.