i5-460M not supported?

Hi Folks,

I fancied trying this out on my older laptop - Dell L501x (which will run Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc) but no longer works with more recent builds of Windows 10. Worked fine before and I’m not sure what Microsoft did but the OS just hangs shortly after boot, tried posting on the Dell forums but, either no-one has this laptop or just didn’t see the post.

I read about ClearLinux and it being optimised for Intel hardware, I enjoy using Ubuntu on the laptop so thought I’d try out ClearLinux but it fails to install.

I watched a couple of reviews on YouTube and read the pre-install which says that Core processors should be supported, the laptop has an i5-460M, which should be a Core processor but the install still fails as attached. The last error just keeps displaying on a loop.

I checked the bios, it’s an older and not much is customisable, but I did enable virtualisation although I wouldn’t have thought it would be needed for a desktop OS install.

Any ideas?


Not supported - the check is correct. This CPU is from 2010, which is right before the first generation of CPUs that is supported by ClearLinux OS. Even after 2011, some CPUs are not supported. That’s why the check exists. Sorry.

OK, Thanks for the confirmation anyway and good luck with the project.