Install Nvidia drivers on Clear Linux OS Server

I would like to install the Nvidia drivers on Clear Linux OS Server, but I need to be sure about the feasibility before proceeding.
The documentation that describes the installation of the Nvidia drivers, at:
states in section Prerequisites the following:
“A Clear Linux OS system with a desktop installed”.
Does the word “desktop” here means that the compatibility of the Nvidia drivers with Clear Linux Server is not guaranteed ?

I believe it refers to have a desktop environment already set-up, like GNOME, KDE, etc.

I believe it’s referring to

The graphical interface may automatically start after the NVIDIA driver is loaded. Return to the working terminal and log back in if necessary.

Note - we don’t do much testing with Nvidia and there are definitely some challenges around getting the Nvidia drivers and Swupd to coexist peacefully

Thanks for the caution. We will then probably wait for a better compatibility of Clear Linux with Nvidia drivers before we try Clear Linux OS Server.