Manual says that after |CL| installation under VirtualBox I should (quote) “Insert Guest Additions CD image” and run “sudo install-vbox-lga”.

But won’t the installation of third-party system scripts and kernel modules, neither originated from and maintained by |CL| team, nor updated in centralized manner, break the wonderful pure deterministic concept of Clear Linux* distro?

When I install, for example, the latest 37600 and then add Guest Additions from 3–rd party “CDROM”, it is not 37600 anymore, but “37600 polluted by Guest Additions” instead.

Maybe it’s better to maintain |CL|'s own guest additions bundle?

The most current guest additions are included in the VirtualBox installation itself, and provided to the client OS as a virtual ISO. The install-vbox-lga script installed from that virtual copy.

For us to bundle it natively, we’d have to use a purely open source release of guest additions. Unfortunately, what’s available there lags far behind, and lacks significant functionality, of what’s provided inside the VirtualBox release.


Thank you, I didn’t know about this lag. If so this non-ideal decision makes perfect sense.