Install VirtualBox/VMware

Hello, I’d like to know how do I install either VirtualBox or VMware on Clear Linux? As far as I looked around, there are no guides how to do it, and will there be a one? Thanks in regards.

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Hi @davisd, welcome to the Clear Linux* Forum!

There is already a thread about using Clear as VM host, maybe it’s helpful :smile:


Personally I use kvm-qemu with virt-manager… From my experience KVM-Qemu/Virt-Manager is far out better than Virtualbox, and VMware.

In what sense ? Stability, Speed, Convenience ?

Alot of it comes down for me on my Machine, is it seems to be speed for me. Never had any luck with speed on Virtualbox, and VMware is usually a no go for me unless I’m running it on a Windows Host. Also I like the customization that KVM-Qemu and Virt-Manager offer me.

Windows Guest VMs run fine?

@FabioMen10 @Businux I’ve run windows 10 in KVM -Qemu it seems to be pretty good especially if you have a rig run with multiple GPU’s then you can you use GPU pass-through. Linux Distro’s can take advantage of GPU pass-through as well. Also there are other types of hardware pass-through that KVM can take advantage of to which is another plus using KVM. Using Virt-Manager gives you basically a GUI Front-End to manage machines. I believe Virt-Manager works with Xen as well, however I have only used it with KVM.

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Yes, I’ve just installed a windows 10 for KVM through virt-manager. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistels of VirtualBox though - notable are unable to suspend also linked clones.

I need run Windows plus Hyper-V nested in a hypervisor. On Windows, I already got it before a while ago. Windows 10 Home + VMWare Workstation + Windows 10 Pro/Hyper-V. Windows 10 Pro/Hyper-V new builds run inner on VMWare too, but not in libvirt. But new builds of Windows 10 Pro don’t run Hyper-V and VMWare together.

I’m very surprised to read that. I would be interested in the errors or any data you could provide to that would help me to believe it.

Oh! Pardon my mistake. I am already portraying myself in my post.