Install without network connection

Hello ! First off all heads up to the dev team, thanks for this great distro. I installed Clear Linux without any issues on my Macbook Air, replacing an older Ubuntu version. I also wanted to install Clear Linux on my SurfaceGo. But I am running in to following issue:

  • Installer needs network connection, since my wlan module is not recognized by the liveCD, I dont have network acces. Is there a way to install without network connection ? and install the wlan module drivers then later by hand.


There is currently no way to do an offline install that I am aware of. It would be nice though if a minimal install version was available that could simply bootstrap a system based on the packages contained in the installer. Have you tried using the Server image to install from yet?

I would think following the ubuntu server minimal install would be a good start. A generic kernel, even if bloated, nano/vim, some basic input/ouput drivers, etc. No GUI or anything basically a take it or leave install for advanced users that could then install the desktop bundles or other bits are they wanted. The server install is fairly close to this already IMHO and may fit your needs just fine.

Thanks, I will give it a try. I have no ethernet on this device, Ubuntu installs without big issues, but also then I need to install wlan driver by hand.

Yes, currently there is no way to install Clear Linux without a network connection. By design, it pulls the latest version from the download server, and is configured to auto-update as new versions become available.


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Thanks, I will give it a try. I have no ethernet on this device, Ubuntu installs without big issues, but also then I need to install wlan driver by hand.

Can you help us to identify your WiFi device, so we can add it to CL.


Hello, Sure, here you are:
From Posts on Reddit SurfaceLinux I learned that its a : Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 rev 32

Looks like we have the drivers enabled, but a firmware issue as you can find on internet.

You can use an USB dongle to use WiFi or Ethernet connection.

Meanwhile can you do

lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net ; dmesg | grep ath10

and paste the output.

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Thanks I will send you the output ASAP.


Yes it’s a firmware issue:

i would like to install without an active network, too.
you down load a 2.2gig desktop ios, then have to install 2 gig of files over the net and then it crashes on you and you have to start all over again. I had to do this three time now, on a slow network. I would like to install from the ios first without the network down loads.

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I gotta agree with Nab. It largely negates the benefit of delta updates. The ability to deploy offline would be very welcome to those of us with bad internet or just want something up and running while trying to diagnose network issues. I still haven’t been able to get up and running with Clear yet I’ve downloaded it 4 times, 5 if you include the original ISO.

It’d be nice if a base desktop could be installed locally. To be able to do an install in 5 minutes from local files and download the deltas on first boot.

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Anyone have success installing on a MacbookAir? I have a 2014 Air, the live image doesn’t see the SSD. I currently dualboot with OSX and Ubuntu without issues.

We do listen to your requests. If you’re monitoring this thread, the latest update is that we do have an engineering solution designed and implemented for offline installs. It’s not published yet - currently in review, and you can follow its status here

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For all those eagerly awaiting offline installs, we’re very happy to announce that the live desktop and server images now support offline install for basic configurations. See here for more details.