Intel Arc Performance

Intel’s Graphics Engineer, Tom Peterson, explains Arc in detail :


Any info about Linux drivers & OpenCL support?

Will hardware acceleration work in Firefox? It may require installing FFmpeg.

1. Install FFmpeg
2. Install ~/.config/firefox.conf
3. Install the enhanced-h264ify extension
4. Go to about:config and set media.ffmpeg.vaapi.enabled to True
5. Restart Firefox

The Intel Arc Graphics support AV1. I’m not sure about VP9. So it may require installing the enhanced-h264ify extension to block VP8 and VP9.

[ ]  Block 60fps video
[ ]  Block h264
[x]  Block VP8
[x]  Block VP9
[ ]  Block AV1
[ ]  Disable Loudness Normalization

Will LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME be determined automatically or require setting in ~/.config/firefox.conf? Adjust LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly to where FFmpeg libs reside.

export FONTCONFIG_PATH=/usr/share/defaults/fonts
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib
# export LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=???

if [[ $XDG_SESSION_TYPE == wayland ]]
    export EGL_PLATFORM=wayland
    export MOZ_X11_EGL=1

export MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1

Good luck and blessing Intel engineers with Arc Graphics. Hoping that all goes well.

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The Intel Discrete Graphics support VP9 including AV1. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am not so sure if it’s on their priority list right now.

the sandbox is still broken?
i don’t have it disabled and my acceleration works just fine. i also have media.rdd-ffvpx.enabled set to true.

Thank you for sharing regarding Intel graphics (disabling not needed). Setting MOZ_DISABLE_RDD_SANDBOX=1 is required for the NVDEC back-end VA-API driver. It is mentioned in the README from nvidia-vaapi-driver.

That is only for CPU’s. Sadly the 5950x isn’t powerful enough and will overload evan at fastest settings, and evan if; I put a very large bit rate. I’m doing 2160p stuff.

The memory isn’t as fast…

To be frank, even if a Intel GPU isn’t on top of gaming performance, I would buy them if they manage to surpass NVIDIA in things like Blender and content creation. The gaming performance right now may not be the best, but is good enough to me. Besides, I would choose an Intel GPU since it works better with Linux overall, hope the GPUs performance for content creation improves overtime and overtakes NVIDIA.

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Compared to the competitors, there’s still a lot of headroom in overclocking and driver updates.

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Is there support on clear linux already for the arc GPUs?