Intel Improves Linux Graphics Driver For Better Laptop Power-Savings

Full DRRS Support for Linux.

drm/i915: Fix up some DRRS type checks
drm/i915: Constify intel_drrs_init() args
drm/i915: Pimp DRRS debugs
drm/i915: Read DRRS MSA timing delay from VBT
drm/i915: Program MSA timing delay on ilk/snb/ivb
drm/i915: Polish drrs type enum
drm/i915: Clean up DRRS refresh rate enum
drm/i915: Rename PIPECONF refresh select bits
drm/i915: Stash DRRS state under intel_crtc
drm/i915: Move DRRS enable/disable higher up
drm/i915: Enable eDP DRRS on ilk/snb port A
drm/i915: Introduce intel_panel_{fixed,downclock}_mode()
drm/i915: Implement static DRRS

Is this a request to backport these patches ?

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There’s no questions in my posting… just listing the changes.

Requests > Github :wink: