Intel Microcode CPU Updates

What the best way to get microcode updates from:

It looks like there is an update but I don’t see it update in /lib/firmware/intel-ucode

Is this helpful?

You can also update your BIOS.

Nope, it should be in package provided by clear linux team via linux-firmware

This document touches on how Clear Linux handles firmware loading.

It is provided by the linux-firmware packages which you can see in the Sources of the spec file:

So the answer to your question is: keep your UEFI/BIOS up-to-date and keep your Clear Linux installation up-to-date.


Yes, I understand where it lives and how to make it, my question is why Intel not updating linux-firmware package for Clear Linux since microcode update is released by Intel 3 days ago and it’s 99% security/vulnerability patch for CPU ?

@Shtirlic The package was updated early this morning. We’ll have it in a release as soon as we can.


Thank you for update.