Is it possible to use default kernel of clear linux in other linux distro such as ubuntu?

I have acer swift5. Recently installed clear linux on it and everything is working fine. only issue is softwares that i was using with ubutu is not available. With ubuntu issue was suspend never works, have tried all troubleshooting available on net. Infact have switch over to other distro but same problem persists everywhere except in clear linux. is it possible to install clear linux kernel in ubuntu?

Try the Xanmod kernel, it uses some of the Clear optimizations.

How about Clear Linux on Ubuntu container with Distrobox?
You can indirectly use Ubuntu software on Clear Linux.

In my case, I am using Mozc (Japanese input) on Ubuntu from Clear Linux indirectly like this.

And this is another example.

Have tried that too. Liqorix works and performance is awesome but on sacrificing battery as it causes heating issue. Clear linux worksnout of the box and battery life was awesome but only problem is software installation.

What are the softwares that Ubuntu has and CL does not? :thinking: Care to name a few?

Insync, megasync,mailspring,timeshift,VirtualBox, xdm,diodon clipboard, onlyoffice.

Timeshift and virtualbox i was able to install but didnt worked.

There are alternatives also eg for virtualbox but i have a lot windows application installed which i dont want to loose.

But overall clear linux is one of the best in terms of compatibility to my hardware.

Are yoy using CL on laptop?

Yes. All my laptops run CL.

Okay. Cool. Any suggestion for virtualbox working in CL