Is there cpupower or something for clear?

i am on thinkpad E580 so managing CPU is quite important and sadly, for some reason, it will run at its highest speed for no real reason even when i dont need it to, and cpu power doesnt seem to be included and i couldnt find source anywhere if i could compile so i am not really sure how to manage it.

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cpupower isn’t packaged in CL but you can change the CPU frequency scaling without it.

Remember though, a higher idle clock speed doesn’t necessarily draw more power. Some more information is available in the documentation:

EDIT: i sometimes need to forcefully restrict max cpu clock speed and such, not only battery but sometimes heat when it for some reason tries to run very light programs on max speed
i looked in it but there wasnt really said how i could control it

I would start with enabling and thermald as described in the Thermal Management section of that document which will throttle CPU based on hardware sensors.

You can also try switching from the performance CPU governor to powersave governor as described in the CPU clock frequency scaling section

First of all, you should definitely check out powertop. At least for Intel chipsets, it cleans up a lot of loose ends in power management.

If you’re using the GNOME desktop, there are quite a few extensions that deal with power management. The one I use is cpufreq ( but there are several others.

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Powertop has a nice calibration feature.

first, run

# powertop --calibrate

After calibration is done, leave powertop running in a terminal for an hour, while using your laptop as usual. It will measure usage, and create a userprofile.

With the userprofile created, you can start powertop with:

# powertop --auto-tune

Add the last line to .bashrc or other startup location.

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