Is there Qt4 libraries in repos?

Hi. I try to use some old program which require an Qt4Core library. I can not find any packages in bundles and flatpaks or any info about qt4 in Clear Linux.
What is best way to install it?

CL currently has Qt5. Qt4 is not included because it is end of life by upstream.

See this related request:

Can your application work with Qt5 libraries? If not, you may need to consider compiling them yourself.

end of life :wink: (EOL) by upstream

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The EOL is not more maintained and could have security issues and bugs, it is a risk for the users to add it to CL

Which program is this? Perhaps it can be fixed…

Thanx for replies, this is a epson print utility. I will try to install it from RPM package first and look what I get.

You can download Qt4 from their website, under the category of archived versions. They have a GUI tools to manage Qt libraries and it’s easy to use.

When building softwares that depends on Qt4, you need to specify correctly the library path, which by default would be under a Qt directory of your home folder.