Islamic sentences into software?

I found this right after installing wxhexeditor, can somebody confirm?
Maybe someone should check it out…Doesn’t look like the common “hello world”.
Is this secure or did I just infect the machine with malware you provide in the software section? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the expected behavior

// Here, code praying to the GOD for protecting our open file from wxHexEditor’s bugs and other things.
// This is really crucial step! Be adviced to not remove it, even if you don’t believer.

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It really is a mess though.
I also get “sh: addr2line: command not found” and a “ginormous” amount of errors…
I thought software was thoroughly tested.

Nothing against God or anything, I collect most of the sacred books from most religions out there, I just keep 'em out of information theory/technology.
Call it “professionalism”.

Funny how that’s the only Hex editor that works of those proposed though…
It’s the only one that opens the file I need to modify…Not even a chance with the others…
Allāhu akbar ? :sweat_smile:

Isnt everyone joking though? Is that really that crucial? Is there any other calls to that? If you just remove it what happens? :thinking::rofl:

Here’s what you get when you mess with it… :joy:

So either a realllllyyy long keyboard extension. Or we remote in via ssh to adjust it from a safe distance. OR its like when you buy property protected by local policy. If you take it out of there you have to put an equal amount somewhere to counter the removal.

Lol sorry this has gone sorta off topic

yeeeeaaahhh…tell me about it… :money_mouth_face:

ssh ?
Dude…That’s old stuff…The pros can now tap into your cpu directly only through the noise it emits in the gigahertz spectrum… :money_mouth_face:
And I didn’t mention time machines yet… :joy:
With FFT, you can even extrapolate information through back emf induced in any wire, no matter the level of filtering, which usually sucks by the way… On some old motherboards you can even listen to read/write operations with your ears and learn what type of data is getting loaded… :crazy_face: