Kdenlive cannot find the melt program?

I installed the kdenlive bundle and upon starting it is complaining that it cannot find the melt program. Is this something I need to find on my own or something that should be part of the bundle possibly?

I wish I knew - I can’t find any reference to melt and KDE melt shows some wallpaper app - surely that’s not relevant here. @anselmolsm?

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It might be the melt command line player from MLT framework, which is required by kdenlive


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mlt should be in kdenlive bundle.

I installed the flatpak and it is working fine.

I noticed in it there is a bin directory with the following

fmpeg*  ffplay*  ffprobe*  kdenlive*  kdenlive_render*  melt*

I don’t see them in the kdenlive bundle.

Incidentally, I don’t see a way to list the contents of a bundle?

eg: rpm -ql kdenlive
dpkg -L kdenlive

swupd search-file

outputs the files installed by each bundle

No, that is the equivalent of

yum whatprovides file


apt-file search /path/to/filename

it will not list the files with paths of the contents of a bundle like

rpm -ql package
dpkg -L package


Try this

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