More software in Gnome Software + Discover

I’ve seen that on the clear linux site in the software category there are more bundles available than Gnome Software shows when you search the same things. Also even if you give the exact name of some bundles Gnome Software can’t find them.

Is there a way to make Gnome Software see all the available bundles? And also is there a way to make Discover (the store from Plasma) see any bundles at all?

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Hey, @kdale can you help with this?

Hi @alexandru-balan - welcome to the Clear Linux form! Thanks for posting.

We’re continuing to improve the Gnome Software Center for Clear Linux OS and we appreciate any and all feedback! I’d love to get some specific details about your experience using the two software stores. Can you provide the names of some of the bundles you were able to find in the web software catalog, but were unable to find in the desktop Gnome Software Center?

I’m not aware of an existing way to expose bundles in the Discover store. However, the Clear Linux web software catalog provides the command line snippets needed to manually install bundles - accessible in any web browser :slight_smile:


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Searching for things like kde, qt did not work for me on Gnome Software also I get this problem sometimes if a package I search is inside a bundle, then the bundle won’t show up.

As for Discover I don’t really know how it works, I know that apt packages, snaps and flatpaks work with it and I’m not sure about rpm so I thought that maybe there is a way to add bundles from Clear Linux too


Currently, bundles are available in Gnome Software through a plug in, so it’s specific for it. Discover and others are built with PackageKit so at the moment, bundles would not be available for Discover or any other PK based tool.

Discover is currently enabled to handle flatpaks, and content available on only. Bundles don’t map exactly to rpm support, a new plugins is needed.