League of Legends

Unable to install League of Legends under Lutris attempting to install manually.

This is the helper script im currently using for the installation…


GitHub - Nefelim4ag/League-Of-Legends: Linux: League Of Legends www.leagueoflegends.com install/run wrapper

I’m not sure how to install this under CL any suggestions greatly appreciated.

So based on

I found the dependencies needed in order to run LoL…


bash (bash-devel-git, bash-devel-static-git)
curl (curl-git, curl-minimal-git)
lib32-gnutls (lib32-gnutls-git)
lib32-libpulse (lib32-libpulse-nosystemd-git, lib32-libpulse-nosystemd-minimal-git)
lib32-openal (lib32-openal-git, lib32-openal-minimal-git)
lib32-vulkan-driver (lib32-nvidia-utils-llb, lib32-vulkan-intel-noglvnd, lib32-vulkan-radeon-noglvnd, lib32-amdvlk-git, lib32-nvidia-utils-full-vulkan-all, lib32-mesa-minimal-git, lib32-nvidia-390xx-utils, lib32-mesa-minimal±git, lib32-mesa-git, lib32-nvidia-utils-beta, lib32-vulkan-amdgpu-pro, lib32-nvidia-vulkan-utils, lib32-amdvlk, lib32-nvidia-utils, lib32-vulkan-intel, lib32-vulkan-radeon)
vulkan-driver (vulkan-intel-noglvnd, vulkan-radeon-noglvnd, nvidia-410xx-utils, swiftshader-git, amdvlk-git, nvidia-440xx-utils, nvidia-utils-full-vulkan-all, nvidia-390xx-utils, mesa-minimal±git, mesa-minimal-git, mesa-git, nvidia-utils-beta, vulkan-amdgpu-pro, nvidia-vulkan-utils, amdvlk, nvidia-utils, vulkan-intel, vulkan-radeon, vulkan-swrast)
vulkan-icd-loader (vulkan-icd-loader-git)
winetricks (winetricks-git)
lib32-amdvlk (optional) – AMD Vulkan driver
lib32-nvidia-utils (lib32-nvidia-utils-llb, lib32-nvidia-340xx-utils, lib32-nvidia-utils-full-vulkan-all, lib32-nvidia-390xx-utils, lib32-nvidia-utils-beta, lib32-nvidia-vulkan-utils) (optional) – NVIDIA Vulkan driver
lib32-vulkan-intel (lib32-vulkan-intel-noglvnd, lib32-mesa-minimal-git, lib32-mesa-minimal±git, lib32-mesa-git) (optional) – Intel’s Vulkan mesa driver
lib32-vulkan-radeon (lib32-vulkan-radeon-noglvnd, lib32-mesa-minimal-git, lib32-mesa-minimal±git, lib32-mesa-git) (optional) – Radeon’s Vulkan mesa driver

As mentioned in other posts I installed…


This is where im currently stuck on. Dependencies currently needed…

  • wine-lol 5.6-1
  • winetricks
  • bash
  • lib32-gnutls
  • lib32-libldap
  • lib32-openal
  • lib32-libpulse
  • wget

Ran the installer again, got a little bit further…

  • [!] Missing winetricks

Does winetricks exist in any bundles?

By any chance any one knows how to install this? Thank you.