Blizzard games trough lutris

Is there any way to install battlenet and blizzard games using lutris on clear linux*? Seems hard because no guide :frowning: and im new to the linux world.

I’d recommend you to install Windows.

This is probably a better question for the Lutris community.

There are very specific guides/notes for getting it to work with Lutris. Read those carefully and read the logs carefully to identify any missing dependencies. It’s not going to be easy as a new user.

I played some Overwatch this past weekend, so I can tell you it is possible :slight_smile:

Here are some notes I found in my stash for getting this to work about a year ago. No idea if they’re all still necessary but hopefully it helps.

Missing libs:

sudo swupd bundle-add samba
sudo swupd bundle-add cabextract
Install winetricks
Install winetricks corefonts 
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I regularly test an older 32bit … certain type of game from a company that has like a snowstorm type of name. You likely want both the wine and games bundles installed to make sure you’re not missing libraries as @puneetse points out. This is most certainly possible - without lutris, using ClearLinux’ version of wine directly. I do not test recent versions of WoW though.

Trying to install Halo combat evolved using wine after entering product key I get a message cannot load PidGen.dll any fix for this?? Wasn’t able to use Install winetricks or Install winetricks corefonts Install command not recognized.

I’m new to Clear Linux, but making an effort migrating from Windows to this.

Consider this a small hint, not an guide: To make games work in Clear Linux. I had to install the following decencies:

sudo swupd bundle-add vulkan
sudo swupd bundle-add developer-gpu
sudo swupd bundle-add games-dev
sudo swupd bundle-add games (a huge packet)
sudo swupd bundle-add sqlite
sudo swupd bundle-add samba
sudo swupd bundle-add cabextract

Also, in World of Warcraft configuration I disabled “Prefer System Libraries” and left everything else on default.

Still TODO: Fonts alias env, enabling “Prefer System Libraries”, sound cracking at the beginning

Hope this helps you to get fired away. And I hope Lutris would make more effort supporting Clear Linux as well and vise versa.

It’s really a great achievement for new users.
But I eventually got tired of those efforts/workarounds and installed Windows on another drive. And Windows is now for gaming only.

New to Clear Linux, not to Linux.

Emulators has always been considered as a workaround. Been hitting my head against the wall for 10 years now.

IMO Games built on Linux and Windows pretend to work better on Linux. For instance CS 1.6 yields 50-100% better fps compared to Windows when benchmarked with timedemo.

Still, like The open source is suppose to, we need to keep up and share the knowledge for those who are keen to use or try something new :slight_smile:

CS 1.6 uses opengl on Linux, that’s why it’s faster.

Yet, it is faster. OpenGL works on Windows 8-10 too if provided the necessary dll’s.

Despite the why and how, Linux can be a powerful gaming platform. If there’s too many hickups, people will roll back to Windows. That’s why we need solid community who has the knowledge and the passion.