Lessons learned

I’m a new user of Clear Linux and happened to use NVIDIA graphics. I tried to take the baton to help solve this but took the wrong path. That is making something and another thing (HWaccel folder) that interacts at the bundle level. Recently, the Perl Scalar::Util module was removed causing me to install the perl-extras bundle. Side note: The missing Perl module was later restored.

Do you see where this is going? The bundle path is not a good approach, unfortunately. For that reason, I archived my two Clear Linux projects to not waste another minute on the bundle path.

If you have an idea and like to make something for Clear Linux, then start on the package path. That is, “interact at the package level to provide the dependencies as needed”. Thanks, @bryteise.

In other words, choose the 3rd-party path.

The HWAccel build scripts no longer install large devpkg bundles to meet build requirements. Instead, it fetches individual package(s) if needed. The magic lies in the “requires” folder. Once completed, the mini-dev packages are uninstalled to not conflict with “swupd” working at the bundle level. The total time to build is ~ 30 seconds give or take.

Folks may opt instead to install “codecs-cuda” from Clear Fraction, providing FFmpeg, Mpv, and the vaapi drivers. :slight_smile: By the way, the “codecs-cuda” bundle works using Intel Graphics and likely AMD graphics, not just NVIDIA graphics.

Thank you, @paulcarroty. What a journey!

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