Long Time Arch Linux User Here - Trying Something New

I like Arch linux because it is rolling-release and always has the latest software.
But then I read about Clear Linux, that its also a Rolling-Release distribution and is optimized for Intel CPUs and I have an i5-7400 with 16GB of RAM.

Decided to give Clear a try… and so far, I like it very much. The default GNOME Shell theme as well as the icon theme and wallpapers are beautiful and boy… This thing is blazing fast!


Ehem…you forgot something…

Alright, I’ll do it for you this one time:

I use Arch BTW


Welcome! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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I knew this meme would come for me one day… :stuck_out_tongue:


Testing it my self on a low-end laptop(i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz), quite impressed buy the lightning fast speed. No video card issues. The shortcuts on the keyboard “fn+XX” works out of the box. Kinda impressed of gnome too. I’m come from tiling wm’s & gentoo.