Make a separate iso of distribution with XFCE desktop


Can we envisage to do a version of Clear linux with XFCE desktop ?


Clear Linux has xfce desktop in their bundle already, are you strictly talking about having live-cd in xfce?


yes exactly … without gnome …


I would recommend installing with the server ISO image, and then after installation:

  • sudo swupd bundle-add xfce4-desktop lightdm
  • sudo systemctl enable lightdm && sudo systemctl start lightdm

This is almost as good as am Xfce4 specific ISO - you get what you want and it’s simple and straightforward.


I test now into virtualbox and see that verry bugly. First when I have page of login I must chose first the desktop XFCE and then password and after it come back to the login screen…

after second connection it start xfce into english… and after when I want to shutdown it failed, have a message error can’t shutdown …


I’m not following, what exactly is wrong? Can you include screenshots and be exact with what you did and what the outcome is?

Also worth mentioning is that you can create a custom image yourself with clr-installer. Caveat is that you need to run ClearLinux to do so, but it’s certainly useful for people who want to make custom images to distribute themselves for others.


Here :


That seems to be some upstream bug. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what to do about it…

November 12; this is still the case after a fresh install of ClearOS and simply adding the XFCE bundle.

What you want to do is server install + os-utils-gui + lightdm.
Enable lightdm via systemctl, reboot, and you’re done. Fully operational xfce.

You can install xfce4-desktop if you like but it’s redundant as it’s part of os-utils-gui.