Microsoft Edge browser runs smoothly on Clear Linux and corrects my spelling and grammar

I get the feeling that most of you will itch to make sarcastic comments about this post. Please feel free to make them. Sarcasm is good!

Edge sorts out my dyslexia and dodgy grammar with the Microsoft Editor Add-on. I write a lot of reports using the browser professionally.

I ditch MS Office to Libre Office and surprised how quickly it loads compared to MS Office in windows. I am no MS fanboy!

For those who want to try, you can install Edge with ease using the CL Software app (flatpack and flathub).

Got Bing to rhyme the above text :wink:

I sense that many of you will sneer
And mock this post with witty jeer
Go ahead and have your fun
Sarcasm is good for everyone!

Edge helps me with my spelling and grammar
With Microsoft Editor, I don't need a hammer
I write a lot of reports on the web
And Edge makes them look less like a mess

I leave MS Office for Libre Office
And find it faster and more flawless
I am no MS fanboy, you see
I like to try new things and be free

For those who want to give it a shot
You can install Edge with a simple plot
Just use the CL Software app
And get it from flatpack or flathub

Just like Instagram sorts out dysmorphia.

I guess FB Messenger sorts out OCD and privacy.


I dare you to get the Windows App Store working on CL.

Who needs irony or cynicism when there’s sarcasm?

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Yes @Businux I ditched MS Office professionally. I use CL desktop for my work now and hardly login to Windows 11. When I first tried Libre Office, I was asking myself, how come such good software is free?!!! I have an office365 family subscription. My family members won’t allow me to ditch that.

I am aware that Edge may not be 100% secure as CL Software app suggests.

I am yet to finish the introductory free course offered by the Linux foundation. I have no plans to get the MS Appstore working in CL! :joy:

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Edge 111 is released on Flathub. It has Bing chat integrated as a sidebar.

With MS telemetry by default? Nope, thanks.

Waiting for someone to run Notepad through Wine to sort out FOMO :smile:

Ahh nostalgia for a Clear Linux newbie who ditched Windows. You will know how it feels like if you had ever owned a Commodore Amiga! :wink:

For full nostalgia, some good emulators : C64 and Amiga.

Never owned a C64 but a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. My friend had a C64 and enjoyed the C64 demo scene. The emulators you mentioned do not make the disk drive clicking sound!

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Even more nostalgic :

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