Mouse cursor vanishes when using touchscreen app bitwig in gnome

I thought I’d have another look at the flatpak bitwig demo on flathub

under gnome (x11 or wayland) interacting with the touchscreen causes the mouse pointer to be hidden.

but then it doesn’t reappear when you touch the touchpad or thinkpad nubbin.

however it works fine under i3m, the cursor reappears with no problem.

I would like to report my findings under KDE, xFCE, Enlightenment and Sway but

  • KDE loads and then sits then jittering and flickering
  • XFCE is a blank screen with a cursor
  • Enlightenment is blank screen with no cursor
  • Sway I’ve not worked out the key bindings to make it do anything.

my memory is vague but I’m sure I tried this back in 5.16 / gnome 41 and there was no problem with the mouse then.
just wondering what it might be related to