Nginx-mainline-extras version mismatch

I’d like to enable brotli compression in nginx-mainline, but when I do so I see the following error message. It seems nginx-mainline-extras needs to be rebuilt in order to match nginx-mainline.

   [emerg] 44127#44127: module "/var/www/modules/" version 1017004 instead of 1017007 in /etc/nginx-mainline/nginx.conf:1

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve pushed updates to the mainline modules.


This just happened again on Clear Linux version 32210." version 1017007 instead of 1017008 in /etc/nginx-mainline

Same here, my web server is down again due to mismatch between these packages.

Updates should not be pushed for nginx-mainline until nginx-mainline-extras is pushed out simultaneously, or this problem will keep happening. At this rate it will be impossible to use nginx-mainline-extras on a production server and I will be forced to build nginx myself, or switch to a different distribution.

I’ve writen a test to try and prevent this from getting released in the future. Hopefully this will stop the breakage pattern.

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Thanks for adding the test. Did you also push updates to the mainline modules?

Yes, we both actually did, so, they were updated twice (lol).