No Sound - how to fix?

No sound on my 7th gen ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Terminal output when I checked for a sound card:

arecord: device_list:272: no soundcards found…

What do I need to do to get sound working?

We’ve seen many bug reports regarding sound on some of these generation laptops. It seems something broke in the kernel. You can try running an LTS kernel but that may cause other issues. Please look at the github issue tracker for further info.

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I wouldn’t know how to replace the kernel. That’s way beyond my skill level. But if you guys are aware of the bug, I will hope for a fix in a future update.

Been running Clear Linux for less than 24 hours, but I am really enjoying it. You should be proud of the quality of your product.

You can switch to the LTS kernel by installing the bundle with sudo swupd bundle-add kernel-lts, and updating the boot manager with sudo clr-boot-manager update. It’s also helpful to increase the bootloader timeout so you can manually pick between the different kernels at boot with sudo clr-boot-manager set-timeout 20.

When you do a uname -a you should see lts in the name.