Things I cannot get working

I am using a 7th generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon. 4K display, i5 10210U processor, 512GB SSD.

Here are things that just don’t work:

  1. Sound
  2. Webcam
  3. Sleep/suspend when lid shuts - the laptop goes black, screen will not come back on, needs hard reboot
  4. Printers - cannot get HP LaserJet on wifi network to connect. It shows up as a separate wifi network.
  5. Weird lock screen bug. The lock screen wallpaper doesn’t display, just a low res gray screen, but I can log in

Minor annoyances, but not showstoppers. I’ve tried the LTS kernel but that made my system un-bootable. Battery life also kind of sucks, but I think that is due to the display more than anything else. It wasn’t great under Windows either. I’m going to stick with Clear Linux for a while and hope that these issues get resolved in future updates. Really enjoying this OS.

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One additional thing that is broken: Online Accounts. When I sign in to my Microsoft account…absolutely nothing happens. I cannot access my calendar, contacts, OneDrive or anything through Gnome or Linux applications.

Update: As of version 32660, sound is now working! Lock screen thing is fixed too.

Its great to see how this OS improves on an almost daily basis. Thank you to the ClearLinux team for all of your hard work.

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Another update:

As of version 32700, sleep when the laptop lid shuts now now works!

I’m glad things are improving for you :slight_smile: . The hardware fixes are actually things happening upstream in the Linux kernel. You’re seeing them quickly in Clear Linux because the native kernel updates very soon after a stable kernel is released.

The online accounts issue can be tracked here and was recently fixed:

Yep. Confirming that I can now connect to my Microsoft account. Most excellent.