No sound. sof-nocodec instead of sof-hda-dsp

Hello, I really want to try Clear Linux but i get no sound.
I believe I have read all the former discussions here in the forums regarding that, but found no solutions.

But sound does work on fedora. So it would be of great help if someone can tell how to fix this problem.
How do I go from this (Clear Linux, sound in alsamixer):
card: sof-nocoec
chip: “”

To this (Fedora, sound in alsamixer):
card: sof-hda-dsp
chip: Realtek ALC257

Surely Fedora isn’t doing anything that cannot be done on Clear Linux.
What needs to be done in order to get similar results?

You need this firmware:

I failed. I cannot figure out what to do by myself.
Can you please refer me to a simple guide on how to install and use this software?