No Tensorflow module using swupd bundle-add

I’m trying to use tensorflow on clearlinux and I install it using sudo swupd bundle-add machine-learning-tensorflow and sudo swupd bundle-add machine-learning-basic.
But I try to import it inside python3 interpreter, it shows:

ModuleNotFound: No module named tensorflow

It is weird because I used swupd bundle it should be no problem. I’m running it on Atom™ Processor E3950 using Clearlinux 32070. I also follow this documentation as my reference on installing it:

I installed tensorflow using swupd on clearlinux 32070 running on my core-i5 8th gen machine. Import on python3 works without error.
How do I check if tensorflow is properly installed on my Atom™ Processor E3950 system?
Please help, this is fairly urgent

Start with swupd diagnose which may find some issues and if it does run a swupd repair. If the diagnose doesn’t show anything try strace -efile -o dump -- python3 -m tensorflow and see if it is finding the tensorflow init python file or something else that looks like an obvious problem (note that the command itself should fail as tensorflow doesn’t have a main but if import is failing you shouldn’t be getting that far).

Hi William,
I be able to install in on the clear linux 32160. Thank you