No text rendering in Pianoteq

I just installed Clear Linux and I downloaded and ran Pianoteq (a physically modelled piano synth).
When you first run it, there’s a dialog box that should show a bunch of text, but there’s nothing, not even tofu (the little boxes that show up when you’re missing a font). Note: When I ran Pianoteq on a fresh Arch Linux installation, I got tofu, fixed by installing the necessary ttf fonts.
I suppose this means that the problem is not a missing font, but something else entirely.
I would not even know how to begin to solve this issue.
I used ldd on the binary and it didn’t say I was missing any libraries.
I use the paid-for version but you can reproduce the issue by using the standard trial from
Just extract the 7z file and run ./pianoteq_linux_trial_v660/Pianoteq\ 6/amd64/Pianoteq\ 6
I’ve done a ton of googling but don’t know what else to do. Any advice? I’m willing to do more to fix the issue, but I need guidance.

Another unrelated issue, when I tried running from the terminal, I got “ALSA lib seq_hw.c:466:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory”
I solved this by using “sudo modprobe snd-seq” but found that it didn’t presist after a reboot, so I created /etc/modules-load.d, then I created pianoteq.conf inside it with the text “snd-seq”.
It works, but is this the recommended way to automatically load kernel modules?

Have a look at how we get Chrome to load the right fonts.

Also see my comment near the bottom as the original solution doesn’t work anymore.

Hi carolosf, thanks for replying!
I tried what you suggested, and after a reboot Pianoteq still did not render text, so I also tried /etc/enviroments and rebooted and that did not work either.
I uploaded a screenshot to demonstrate what I’m seeing. Any ideas?

Thank you for your time, but never mind. I have encountered several other issues inherent to the current state of Clear Linux that can only be resolved with significant manual effort, so I will be leaving Clear for the time being. I hope to see it improve in the future!