Optimizing Arch-based distro like Clear Linux

I want to know what differentiates Clear Linux with Arch Linux in terms of what kernel it uses and what packages are used and installed that helps optimize the system.

Is there a direct link to the Clear Linux kernel? I want to compile it but what is the recommended compiler I should use to compile the kernel to ensure the kernel is exactly the same as it is installed on Clear Linux?

Yes, software packages that go into Clear Linux can be found here: https://github.com/clearlinux-pkgs

The kernel package, for example, is here: https://github.com/clearlinux-pkgs/linux . The kernel is compiled using gcc with the compiler flags set in the Clear Linux shell already.

You can check the documentation https://docs.01.org/clearlinux/latest/ for some more kernel dev articles.



I mean like what packages are installed that specifically deal with the optimization of the OS?

Is it possible to set the exact same flags with Arch Linux’s gcc compiler and get the same result as if I were using the Clear Linux shell?

I have done this with openblas under Ubuntu. Yes it is definitely faster - but it is only one part of the puzzle - if you want the whole faster experience you need to recompile alot or you can just use Clear Linux instead. I have choosen the later one - I really like the system - but there are still points which are annoying: NVIDIA driver , once in a while there is some broken bundle …but if you are able to deal with this quirks go for it.

Is this some rendering engine or something?

The problem is that it doesn’t use pacman or the Arch repos :frowning: Otherwise I would have used it. That is why I want to use their kernel and openblas

if you haven’t already googled it https://www.openblas.net/