Is there a precompiled Clear Linux's kernel that I can download and install?

Is there a precompiled Clear Linux’s kernel that I can download and install? If now can somebody please teach me how to compile Clear Linux’s kernel on an Arch Based system and to use the recommended gcc flags please?

Someone already made it, you can use it from here:

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Do I type yay -S linux-clear to install it?

I have no idea. Ask an archlinux user.

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After typing in yay -S linux-clear, is it compiling, cause I thought this is pre-compiled the kernel?

Edit: It is compiling. Would you happen to know how I would change the default gcc flags before I get yay to install the Clear Linux kernel?

You need to ask these questions on an archlinux forum, not here. We don’t know the answer.

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Hey man sorry but I have another question, in the repo is it by default using the specified gcc flags as you told me in this post What is the default GCC flags Clear Linux uses for compiling the kernel??

You need to ask that last question to the person who maintains that repo.