Optimus Setup on HP Pavilion au620tx

I have a laptop with Intel Integrated Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce 940MX aka “Optimus”. I have tried many combinations for my Optimus laptop but every try I try any thing I always get one of the 3 problems :-

  1. Black Screen after Boot (Doesn’t let me open terminal)
  2. Login Fail (Xorg error: Xorg doesn’t want to display anything, Wayland works)
  3. Doesn’t show display (Terminal works)

I have used this following references -

  1. https://community.clearlinux.org/t/has-anyone-successfully-installed-nvidia-driver-to-optimus-enabled-laptops
  2. Document for hybrid graphics (intel-nvidia) · Issue #1164 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub
  3. Clear Linux fails to boot to graphical login on Optimus based laptop after installing Nvidia proprietary driver on latest builds · Issue #1622 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub
  4. Bash scripts to automate installation of NVIDIA proprietary driver
  5. https://community.clearlinux.org/t/bash-scripts-to-automate-installation-of-nvidia-proprietary-driver

I also tried multiple combinatio ns with awsome-clear-linux (github repo). But nothing seems to work.

Btw I am currently using Solus if I can have some xorg files from it.

You can try to play with nvidia-xrun.

@DevilDipan actually for me blacklisting igpu and making some changes worked.