Persistent USB?

I’m looking to enable persistent storage on a USB w/ Clear Linux. I’m in the process of migrating from Pop_OS! and taking my time. Is there a way to have USB storage?

I’m aware of the severe performance penalty. I also did a search and read two threads looking for a solution… none found.

  1. Go to Index of /current/ and download clear-XXXXX-live-desktop.img.xz
  2. Unpack it and write to flash drive.
  3. Run Gparted and resize the last partition to the max.
  4. Boot to livecd and run sudo resize2fs /dev/sda3, the partition name may be different.
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I tried exactly that with the *.iso version. Is there any difference between the *.iso and the *.xz archive? For future reference.

I’ll try your instructions when I have access to my PC tomorrow. Thank you!

The ISO format is quite different and the rootfs inside is compressed, so it will be tricky to customize the image.

Hello Paul, thank you for the instructions as I have been also trying to figure this out.

I did exactly as directed, after extraction I wrote the .info to my usb drive, resized the last partition.

However I was unable to boot to make the final change.

It appears as if it was trying to boot, it didn’t present and error, although just a flashing cursor (not a mouse pointer) but you know the underscore _ in the command line / terminal.

It did not proceed beyond that point.

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated, thank you.

To be honest I don’t even need it to be persistent, if I could figure out how to modify the image so I can place a package and a bash script that would work just as well.

xzcat clear-*-live-desktop.img.xz |\
sudo dd of=/dev/sdb bs=8M conv=fsync oflag=direct status=progress

works for me for 39030. Maybe the resize went badly?

Perhaps that was the case, I tried again and it worked. Thank you