Power saving mode on laptops and ultrabooks

Good day everyone! Anyone from the community can tell me how things are going with energy saving in this distribution?
I have an ultrabook Huawei Matebook Pro and I am very interested in the possibility of long battery life.

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Hi @swatnyc, welcome to the Clear Linux Forum! :smile:

I’m using Clear on my laptop for a few months now. From a purely anecdotal perspective — as I didn’t benchmark the power consumption — I can say the battery life is excellent, and on par with Windows. I also tried elementaryOS on the same device, but I found Clear more energy efficient.

About specific power saving features, there is an official documentation page regarding CPU power and performance. Also, I found a recently opened GitHub suggestion to automatically enable the powersave governor when not connected to AC, and an older one specific for tlp, which mentions the governor thing too.

However, I didn’t read comments from the developers on enabling powersave yet, and I’m really curious about the implications it could have.

Thank you very much for your answer. I am currently using Ubuntu 19.04. In terms of energy saving, I use the Laptop mode. TLP did not use. I thought, since Intel is involved in the distribution, they will not forget about energy efficiency either.