Preloaded firefox bundle missing codecs

you can install a browser from flathub with flatpak. you can check a browsers codec support at
you can install ffmpeg with bash script from here. you can also try to install ffmpeg from source, see here
the vlc bundle is also missing codecs, and you can also install that with flatpak

This is expected and documented. See: FAQ — Documentation for Clear Linux* project



I too wished for Firefox to support more codecs when trying Clear Linux for the first time. So much so that I too automated the installation of FFmpeg and dependencies to include vp9 support. Afterwards, Firefox scores 512 out of 555 points

Before with Nouveau driver (default configuration, no changes):
result: 515
result: 476

Flying over Japan (4K UHD)
Hardware acceleration: 2160p 4k video playback (vp9 works)

Before with NVIDIA driver (default configuration, no changes):
result: 1289
result: 708

Flying over Japan (4K UHD)
! Your browser can't play this video.

After with NVIDIA driver:
result: 1369
result: 970

Flying over Japan (4K UHD)
Hardware acceleration :) 2160p 4k video playback

Added wish request to swupd, issue 1587, for repair to not break NVIDIA driver installation.

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