Printer and Network support

I’ve been using Clearlinux for about a week now without any major hassles. I might be classified as an average general purpose user right now, and I have been support for a vast number of Window’s users over the past 20 year but I think if there was enough guidance in configurations and setup for printers and networks, Clearlinux would really take off. Clearlinux installed without a hassle and it’s easy to get it up and running without knowing all about linux. Easier than Puppy. I can’t seem to get my printer online in spite of the help offered which I do really appreciate but the instructions are a little beyond me as I’m not into programing that much … but continuing, without a printer …well, the usefulness starts to get limited. And I would like to see the rest of my network, like my server and other Users. I’m not a developer so I may be in the wrong forum, but I do see potential here for replacing my Windows OS which is always rubbing me the wrong way. I am patient though and expectant, so I can wait. .

We don’t ship with zeroconf/avahi enabled, so, there’s no autodiscovery of network printers in clearlinux (at all). This is unlikely to change, either.

That doesn’t mean that printing doesn’t work. I’m currently printing using cups on my personal Brother MFC using IPP. I’ve configured it using http://localhost:631/ - the cups admin UI.

Gnome pretends to offer some automatic setup, but, it won’t know and thus you’re left guessing all the right bits to connect - I’d recommend using the cups admin backend.

I’m not sure we can improve much here - we’re likely to keep zeroconf/avahi disabled. I’ve made it an optional bundle, but, it’s untested.