How to add printer

I have an HP LaserJet printer on my wireless network. My macOS and Windows devices connect to it just fine. Clear Linux does not see the printer when I try to add it. Any suggestions about how to get the printer connected?

Sorry for peppering this forum with so many questions, but I am brand new.

I installed with cups:
and for driver I use generic printer (with pppd not working for me)
Driver: Generic IPP Everywhere Printer

I tried that. I added a printer I named “LaserJet” using the Generic IPP Everywhere driver, but it would not connect to the printer or print a document.

Then try with the specific driver for your printer,for me that is not working in CL

Now something is really screwed up. I was messing around with the settings and I checked a box that said “share the printer” or something like that. Now I cant access the localhost:631 admin page, and the printer setting says “printing service doesnt seem to be available.” How can I fix it?

Maybe CUPS isn’t running? Check sudo systemctl status cupsd, you can also start it with sudo systemctl start cupsd if there are no other problems.

You may need to install the binary plugins. See this link for details.

The binary plugins should only be required for scanning. You should be able to set up your printer using hp-setup -i

Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn’t work.

Try specifying the IP address of the printer. eg. hp-setup -i

I understand that the binary plugins should only be required for scanning, but I had the same problem trying to install my HP LaserJet CP1025nw. HPLIP was unable to detect it over my network, even while specifying the correct IP address. A direct USB connection also did not work. After running your script and installing the binary plugins, Gnome was able to easily identify the printer using the Add… function in Settings. The printer began working immediately. I can’t explain it, but it worked for me.

How do I do that? Where do I find the binary plugins and how do I install them?

Tried that with the printer’s IP address. No good. Exactly the same result.

Open a text editor.

Navigate to in your web browser.

Copy the text for the script and paste it into your text editor.

Save the file somewhere in your home directory and give it a name. For this example I’ll use the location ~/scripts/

Open a terminal.

Navigate to the directory with the script eg:

cd scripts

Change the permissions on the script to make it executable:

chmod +x

Run the script with root priveledges:

sudo ./

Open Settings and navigate to Devices -> Printers.

Click the Unlock button at the top of the screen and type your password.

Click the Add button to add a printer.

Hopefully it will detect your printer automatically, if not it will let you type the IP address of the printer in the dialogue.

pceiley, I wanted to say thanks very much for your script as well as it allowed me to install my LaserJet after many hours of frustration with HPLIP. :slight_smile:

Glad it helped!

Hopefully this helps with @Apollo18’s woes.

I tried it and the plugins installed successfully, but the printer is still not found. Thanks for the help, though. I will just add this to the list of things I hope get fixed in a future update.

What model is your printer?

HP LaserJet Pro 200 color M251nw

Nice,now my HP printer not work,i feel every upgrade is an experiment.
Seems that driver version in CL is outdatet,I tried with version 3.19.12 and 3.20.2 in Manjaro and the printer work(with ppd file).Please upgrade the hplip version in CL.
Update:I download 3.20.3 version,install manual ppd file but printer still not work.