How to add printer

I have an HP LaserJet printer on my wireless network. My macOS and Windows devices connect to it just fine. Clear Linux does not see the printer when I try to add it. Any suggestions about how to get the printer connected?

Sorry for peppering this forum with so many questions, but I am brand new.

I installed with cups:
and for driver I use generic printer (with pppd not working for me)
Driver: Generic IPP Everywhere Printer

I tried that. I added a printer I named “LaserJet” using the Generic IPP Everywhere driver, but it would not connect to the printer or print a document.

Then try with the specific driver for your printer,for me that is not working in CL

Now something is really screwed up. I was messing around with the settings and I checked a box that said “share the printer” or something like that. Now I cant access the localhost:631 admin page, and the printer setting says “printing service doesnt seem to be available.” How can I fix it?

Maybe CUPS isn’t running? Check sudo systemctl status cupsd, you can also start it with sudo systemctl start cupsd if there are no other problems.