Adding Printers Issue - HP Printer

I have all the required drivers installed for my printer (HP Deskjet 2540). The printer is detected in Gnome Settings under Printers. However, when I try to add the printer a message box pops and says “Failed to add printer”. Before adding the printer I unlocked the Settings for Printers as it requires me before being able to add printers. Is there any way to read logs and find out why I get that message box?

I tried adding the same printer on Fedora 34 following the same procedure and it works without manually installing drivers! Please help me get it working on Clear Linux.

HP Printers are a little bothersome. You have to add them through the hp app that comes preinstalled with your device, type the IP manually and then the printer will be correctly configured.

The HP app does not open. When I type in terminal:
$ hp-setup -u
to fire up the hp setup gui, the app says PyQt5.sip is missing. I get this error even though PyQt5 is already installed on my computer. I also tried to import PyQt5 in Python to make sure it successfully imports. And it works in Python!

Unfortunately I can’t replicate this bug, my seems to open just fine.

Have you tried sudo swupd repair?