Epson XP-610 all-in-one printer/scanner drivers for CL?

I posted a package request on Github: Is that is the right place to request device drivers to be repackaged?

It looks like some work has been done on it, but now the request is waiting on a “milestone”? What does that mean? Has a CL package been created that I can try out?

This is the last device I need to install on CL to migrate completely away from Windows…

Meanwhile, I’m trying to see if I can get the printer working on my own. I glanced through the ppd file, and did manage to find some clues about where to place the package files.

So then I opened the CUPS web interface. I am connecting this printer locally through a USB cable, but it is not detected. When I open ‘Add Printer’ in CUPS, the only option listed for local printers is HPLIP. Because my LaserJet is installed on localhost, I chose IPP and entered ipp://localhost/ipp/.

  • So my first question is, what is the address of a local printer?

Unlike hp-setup, I don’t see a way to tell CUPS which USB port my printer is plugged into.

Nevertheless, CUPS does install the driver. Printing fails, though, with two errors:

  • CUPS attempts to launch ippfind

  • XP-610: File “/opt/epson-inkjet-printer-201308w/cups/lib/filter/epson_inkjet_printer_filter” has insecure permissions (0100755/uid=1000/gid=1000).

All the driver files are owned by ‘root’, and the permissions are set so only root can overwrite them; all other users can read and execute them. Can someone please interpret this error message for me?