Problem on Accessing IP camera using RTSP

Trying to setup clearlinux as a video server for security. I’m pulling the data from IP Camera using RSTP H264 protocol. I have tried the firefox example in this clearlinux forum
(How-to: h264 etc. Support for Firefox (including ffmpeg install)) but I still cannot access it. I also had post a question regarding RTSP streaming (Cannot open RTSP streaming encoded in H264 format) and seems it still cannot access my ip camera using RTSP. Is there anything I can do or I need to install some other binary to make this work

ClearLinux does not handle h264 encoded video streams. If your camera exports such a stream (likely, about 90% of cameras do, if not more), then you have to compile your own copy of ffmpeg to enable those codecs. Other applications may need special configuration to enable custom codecs as well. The thread that you linked cover that. If there is an issue with it, I would suggest posting in that thread instead.

Alright. I will pin this discussion to the firefox post. for you information I have also tried ffmpeg enable also using gstreamer and still it cannot serve the rtsp protocol. but it can handle a normal video with h264 encodings. Other OS can serve rtsp why can’t clear?

Thank you.

Do you actually mean “serve” or “play”?

We can’t speak for other OS’s. We have our own packaging and inclusion guidelines and some things are not possible due to patents and other reasons. What other distributions can or cannot include is irrelevant, mostly, we have to play by our own rules.