Question about Julia

I installed Julia and would like to use RCall, which allows you to call R from within Julia. However, the package won’t build because it cannot find R (even though I installed all R bundles). If I manually set the environment variable to what I get from R.home() in R – namely, "/usr/lib64/R" – Julia still complains that it can’t find R.

What does work is if I set ENV["R_HOME"]="*", but then RCall builds with the basic R it ships with, and that’s not enough for me, given that that won’t allow me to install the R packages I need.

RCall builds without a problem under macOS and under Arch on the same machine. (I’m running Clear Linux OS in VirtualBox.) I’d be grateful for any suggestion that would allow me to build the package – that I can’t do it is currently my main reason for not putting Clear Linux on my main machine.

Have you set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Julia?

Thanks, that solved the problem!