[Script] Build media functionality - codecs, ffmpeg, mpv, ytdl

Hello everyone

You can find the script here

I created a script which adds media functionality to clear linux.
it builds …
codecs (dav1d, x264, x265, fdkaac, lame, opus, vpx),
mpv + ytdl

Firefox media capabilities will be also extended.

My mpv build configuration is setup to cover my use-case: Wayland, Pulseaudio, Intel Graphics
Remove the --disable-* flags from ./waf configure within the script to safely support your use-case in mpv.



/etc/ld.conf.d is better than /etc/environment.d

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updated the configuration generation.
thanks @doct0rHu for the hint.

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That’s a handy script, thank you for sharing!

On a related note, is there a nice repository or something that catalogues all the community scripts/configs/bundles? I’ve seen quite a few floating around this forum and on github. It might be nice to have a curated list somewhere if there isn’t already. :slight_smile:

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Arch Linux has tons of build script. So are LFS and Gentoo.

That’s true, I’ve seen they have some really nice resources. I thought it might be nice if there was something nice with Clear Linux specific scripts and goodies that people may find useful or commonly need to do. If that doesn’t exist though, that’s okay.

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@catleeball yes, a resources collection would be nice.
for now we have some github repos as infrastructure.
Here is mine. Added 2 more scripts today.