Separate "/etc/" and "/var" per user

CL is statless
System defaults can be easily restored by simply deleting everything under /etc/ and /var .
Every user gets its own home-directory.
Is it possible to have for each user separate /etc/ and /var at login?

I have a damaged CL. I want to do a fresh install of CL and restore “/home/user”, “/etc/” and “/var” out of damaged CL into fresh CL, but for an additional user.

Is it possible to switch at login not only “/home/user” but also “/etc” and “/var” per user?

I want to restart with a fresh install of CL with two users. User one as per fresh install. User two as user in damaged CL.

Means “stateless” only resetting or also switching into other states different/varying per user?

What’s the use case for a separate etc, which is suppose store system-wide configs?

Yes, with namespace mounts.

However, this doesn’t really do that much for you. System software uses /etc and /var for storage, User software uses ~/.config and a few other user-local storage locations. Whatever user programs you’re using after you log in will not be affected by much of anything in /etc.