[Solved] Crontab (cronie) do not starting

I need a crontab job to be run every 15min. It do not need to be cron but it’s the only thing I know. I tried to use crontab and got this message:

$ crontab -e
crontab: command not found
To install crontab use: sudo swupd bundle-add cronie

I thought it looks good, installed cronie, added cron job (crontab -e as root) to run something each */15 min. But it do not run at all. It’s same entrance from old (debian) server and it worket there, also running the command by hand it also runs.

Should I enable some daemon?

After installing cronie will need to activate the systemd service. I believe this will do it.

sudo systemctl enable cronie.service --now

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Thanks! That worked.