Support for SolarFlare Network Interface Cards

Dear Team,

My server carries SolarFlare network card. Please kindly add out of the box driver (sfc driver) for it. Please also add support for their kernel bypass technology called OpenOnload (built from source on linux with solarflare card installed and kernel devel). By that I mean that latest OpenOnload builds and substitutes native sfc driver with no issues on ClearLinux.

I am more than happy to provide details or contribute in any other way. Please feel free to get in touch.


SolarFlare appears to distribute “OpenOnload(?)” their drivers as dkms over here:

Is this not sufficient? Clear Linux supports dkms already, so I suspect this will just work.

When requesting packages or changes, any detail will help us - especially links to source code downloads.

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@ahkok thank you. I will experiment with OpenOnload and native SolarFlare driver on ClearLinux and let you know on the results

Hello all,

Here is the small update. Did not manage to build the Onload out of their currently latest sources: Onload- Attached is the build error.